Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I'm nearly finished with my Master tasks, although I'm not at all satisfied with anything! But, the fact of the matter is that I'm not willing to put an extra ounce of effort into this project which took so much time and energy. I'm sure this means I'm not a great person, since great people don't quit enhancing their work. But really, the atmosphere in which one works affects his or her ability to excel, to take that extra mile to greatness. Well, without lingering on the bad circumstances that we worked in, I think my work is done in that area. I thought this will give me the willingness to do extra work into the traditional faculty job; you know, the sections and all..but on the contrary!! I'm so tired of half the effort I used to exert a couple of years ago..I'm not enthusiastic about new courses I'm assisting in teaching, nor about the fact that I can work in faculty without feeling guilty about my Master. The truth is I didn't take a real vacation since I was a student in the third year, this is about 8 years!! WOW..No vacation meaning with absolutely nothing to worry about..It's been so long..And I neeeeeed a vacation or the rest of me is gonna collapse! Not that I'm complaning about the job, it's not that hard anymore, but I need a break to renew my brain cells so that I can accept and embrace the job challenges from bad boys to hard excercises..
Can I get such a vacation soon? I think I'm gonna do whatever it takes to have it..or I'm gonna end up doing just like other less lovable people in the faculty do, get in, take attendance, get out!


la3toot said...
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la3toot said...

"I'm not at all satisfied with anything!"

"I'm sure this means I'm not a great person."

A contradiction here! The great person is the one who's not satisfied with anything, because he insists on being better. But just formal works must come to an end, you have to finalize and deliver it. That does not mean that you're not a great person, you're that great person as long as you don't stop working, whatever it's academic or private.

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