Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birth Day

The worst thing in a person is his tendency to link major (or minor for that matter) changes in his life to major events; the new year resolutions, the christmas spirit, the begining of Ramadan, the birthday decisions. I'm one such person, who never siezes to set milestones for her changes at all sorts of dates; next week will be the week to work hard, after a certain assuring call I'll start doing so and so, and lately, since my birthday will coincide with the first of Ramadan, there can be no better milestone to start shaking my life a little bit more!! How naive I was to believe in this milestone myth!! I should believe in change whenever I'm ready to take action, and that would be right NOW, since I don't know about tomorrow. That was my resolution for my birthday, and when I get that call, I'll start immediately :D

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