Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Many thanks...

Before I embark on the lengthy process of detailing my time in Canada so far, I just wanted to thank so many people for so many things; all contributing to keeping me sane and well these past two months:

Thank you professor Hossam
, for your warm welcome the moment I stepped into your office, it made me feel home again, it made me feel safe. Thank you one more time for welcoming me to the group on the first group meeting after I arrived and in the term's final luncheon. I felt among friends.

Thank you Anne
, the lady who welcomed me at my first night in Kingston. It was after midnight and I was scared that I'd spend the night in the airport, but you stayed up late and provided me with a warm welcome, a warm room, and a safe place to spend the ten most critical days of my stay until I found my foot.

Thank you Ed
, for being the first member of the lab to come and strike a conversation with me, just to welcome me over, and for taking a part of your time whenever I come to your lab to talk to me and ask how I'm doing. You're a very good man.

Thank you Gehan
, for coming all the way to the laboratory and welcoming me, then getting me a warm meal when all I had since I came here was crackers :)) and for asking about me all the time, and for being such a funny and friendly girl :)

Thank you Mahmoud Ouda
, for being such a stand up guy, together with Hatem, you took me on my first tour in the bus and supermarket, you provided me with invaluable information that saved me a lot of embarrassment and confusion; the things I hate the most in life. You came to the lab wanting to do anything, like a dear dear brother indeed.

Thank you Hatem
, for being such a good guy to talk to, about life and science alike, and for inviting me over to your lab for a very delicious meal with Ouda at my first week, and for teaching me the word ibid :))

Thank you Layan
, for being an instrumental party in finding me my current residence, for this I cannot even thank you enough, and thank you for keeping my company and introducing me to your great friends who welcomed me with such good grace and openness, and for your rounds with me to buy stuff when you had to work on your own tasks.

Thank you Khalid
, for being such a rock to lean on during the hard days of settling in the lab and moving my stuff to my new residence, and for coming back and forth so many times to bring all kinds of things, and for cutting me a great deal on such great stuff :))

Thank you Dina
, for being so nice to me and offering me to talk to my family from your own phone, and for being such a smiling face and asking how I was doing even in your hectic term finale, and for being the first one to see me cry and pat on my back saying it would be ok.

Thank you Ashraf
, for being so nice to me, and for keeping my company during the luncheon in a setting that would have been overwhelming otherwise, and for giving me hope that together with Wesam, you set an example of an aware family who want to plan for their child intellectually as much as physically.

Thank you Sherief
, for being a descent and funny and dependable guy, your emails were really assuring and gave me confidence that I could do it, and your oh-so-Egyptian sense of humor was so refreshing, and your continuing advice regarding my work and my attitude are indispensable.

Thank you Dr. Abd ElHamid
, for being the first one who talked to me about my fears of under performance, and for telling me to take it easy and just do my best with ease, and for being such a talented artist and scientist because this is something I aspire to be, and for being so friendly in a serene way because this makes me feel comfortable and confident that things will eventually be ok.

Thank you Ahmed Hasswa
, for responding promptly to my emails, and for your nice and friendly correspondences.

Last but not least, thank you my dearest friend Omneya, for keeping my company with your lovely voice and your lovely kids almost every night since I got my Internet connection at home, although you may be tired of all this, you were so great just by being there.


Haitham El-Ghareeb said...

:) Sincere, Honest, and Faithful as Usual

Al 7amd l ALLAH, it made me feel Better about U, and Happier 4 U..

Hope U will (Enjoy) the Rest of Ur stay isA, and it will be joyful all the time...

btw, don't let all those kind ppl U knew there convince U 2 stay longer than the time U told us U would,, There R others here waiting ur return..

U Can easily manage 2 get fans everywhere, and anywhere U step Dr. :)

Layan Nahlawi said...

Walaw ya Marmar come on I told you before don't mention it. BA3dein thank you for being such an amazing friend =)

Mervat Fahmy said...

To dear Layan, thanks are given to those who deserve them, so that others know that good deeds will always find gratitude :)

To Haitham, don't worry my friend :) I will never forget that I have to come back to the land I love, to give back to my faculty. Thank you for not forgetting about me :) and thank you for making me feel welcomed and appreciated :)
I hope all is better with the faculty and all, hang in there, and together with the other good colleagues we'll make it better :)

Hatem said...

Ahlan dear Mervat - what a piece! Trust me, you deserve more than that.

And be3dein eih 7ikayit el-crying that you mention in there?? Mesh 3ayzeen any of that ;-)

Hope you have a great stay, and contrary to Haitham's hopes, ma3lesh ya Haitham,... but we are inshAllah going to make Mervat stay longer than initially planned :-D!!

Mervat Fahmy said...

To Hatem, oh you're so nice :)) The crying thing was for one time, but it's good for the soul :)) Thank you for thinking I deserve to stay, and I guess we'll see about that :))

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