Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Dissection of A Dream

Today I had a short but an insightful discussion with a close friend of mine; Amira, and it was about a dream she had. I won’t talk about the dream itself, but about two concepts that emerged from it. The first concept is that a woman’s beauty comes mainly from her sense of worthiness; her inner belief that she deserves the best and it’s not wrong to have it. It’s true that when a woman “feels” beautiful she has every chance of dazzling the world with her presence, and the contrary applies. When she was telling me the dream, she wasn’t feeling that she didn’t deserve its events; she felt entitled. I, on the other hand, felt that I’d never dare to have the same dream in my own “dreams” because I don’t have as much self worthiness as she does. Although very close people around me told me and keep telling me I have a rare potential to be a special person, I don’t hold the same idea about myself. It’s true that this is sometimes due to a desire to be humble and not give my ego the chance to manifest itself; I’m a LEO after all, and LEOs tend to feel certain greatness about them. But this feeling is mostly due to a deep feeling of being “wrong”, meaning that I always question my judgment, my ideas, and my capabilities. On the rare occasions when I let my trust in me rise, I harvested very good impressions from people, but I don’t let my self-trust shine all the time; maybe because I’m a coward (a colleague told me when I said I’m a coward that I’m totally wrong and she believes I’m much braver than I think I am!).
The second concept is that women choose in their course of life to either marry men who can provide financial security or marry men who provide “emotional” security. At first, we joked about which choice is smarter and that we are stupid or “wesh fa2r” to make the second choice, but when we elaborated on the matter further I found out that when a woman makes the first choice; she chooses to satiate the material needs which will never be satiated. On the other side; when a woman makes the second choice; she chooses to satiate mental and emotional needs, which can be fulfilled even with the least of nice gestures from a man, she chooses to live a happy life, not a lavish life. (Wouldn’t it be great if she can have both?!!)
Of course, a stupid woman can choose a man who has neither, and I don’t see a reason on earth to make a woman do that unless she wants just to get by in life and not live it. I don’t wish this fate to any woman…

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helghareeb said...

Dear Dr.

Many situations we have been through where we do not recognize facts that are clear to us, because we are inside the situation, not just seeing it from the outside.

I am telling this intro coz I believe I have seen Dr.Amera in the same feelings you are having right now. You do not have those dreams coz it is about trust, dare, and being brave. It is a matter of time. One year ago, Dr.Amera did not have this dream; but it exists right now. You can not tell you do not dare to have that dream. You can say you did not have this dream yet, but you believe deep inside you will have it, and you are going through the way, not wasting your life, not wasting your time, till you find it.

Once Seyam asked me 'Have you reached the state where you feel you can not dream anymore?' And I told him 'No', he smiled, and told me 'Now I feel comfort regarding you, coz as long as you still believe you can dream; even if you are not dreaming now, that means you can still make it'

It is not that simple, but when it comes to hope, self esteem, good plan, hard work, friendship, loving life, leadership, taking care of everyone around, and feeling everyone, this also needs a LEO.

We really need to feel comfort regarding you, and we are many ;)

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