Friday, February 22, 2008


Amidst all the mayhem I was in for the last couple of weeks, three phone calls made me reach a state of calmness and optimism and yes, personal gratification. The first call was a number of days ago, it was from one of my former students; now a graduate studying at ITI-Mansoura, she just called me to check on me and say Hi, just that, nothing wanted. To tell the truth I was kind of waiting through the call for the "purpose", and I was so amazed and mesmerised when we hung up that there was no purpose. It was a small gesture in a long and hard day, but it worked wonders to me, I felt that no matter how little I feel about myself or about my contributions in this life, some people think of them as big, so big, that they surpass the limits of expiration date (by expiration date I mean graduation)

The second call was yesterday, it was from Waleed, my colleague and one of the very few people that I genuinely respect and think highly of (it's a very short list I have.) He also just called to check on me, but Waleed never called me for a personal purpose, he rather calls me for a greater benefit, but nonetheless I was surprised that he called just to check on me, my guess was that he somehow found out about what happened yesterday and wanted to give me support, or maybe he was worried I didn't attend one of our colleagues wedding that I would naturally go to. Anyway, he made me feel ten times better, with his calmness and acceptance of life's bumps with a sure heart that Good will prevail and it's up to us to make it happen. I feel so small and silly when I compare my reactions to his in the face of hardships. I wish that one day I could give him and everyone I love and respect that sense of hope and purity he provided for me.

The third call was also yesterday, it was from Haitham, my dear friend and colleague, he saw me earlier in the day just as I was leaving the faculty, and he did something very sensitive; he let go just when he knew I was close to tears, so that he and his friend won't witness a breakdown of someone they consider a "mentor." Somehow I knew he wouldn't leave to that, he didn't, and he called me to know what happened. Haitham won't provide a sense of calmness and acceptance as Waleed would, because they're two different personalities. Haitham personality is more passionate and impulsive - just like mine back when I didn't tone it down - and his view was that everything in the work place can go to hell, nothing deserves to get us all wrapped up, upset, and worried. He's right, I shouldn't get upset about people who do not deserve the time, I only worry about a faculty that's heading down. I know Haitham to be someone who deep down wants the best for his workplace and its people, but he get irritated by the sense of injustice and the apparent lack of hope for the place that he forces himself to not give a damn.

Thank you people for making this day bearable and making me forget all about it, let's focus on bringing Good to the table, instead of backing out.

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