Sunday, April 11, 2010

More tributes

I've paid tribute to many wonderful people whose graciousness was instrumental in me being able to manage my first days here in Kingston, and still is a major source of support. I think it is time to pay tribute to more, whom I've met later and who kept my company and made me realize there are so many wonderful people who just do the best they can to make others happy and welcome.

Anne: I paid tribute to Anne before, and I'll do it again :) Because when I saw her the second time after she invited me to lunch, she welcomed me with such a warm hug and said "I missed you!" As I said before, Anne was the first friendly face who welcomed me when I first came to Canada, and there she was again, welcoming me back into her home and asking about how I was doing for those last couple of months. Anne, you're such an amazing host.

Wendy Powley: When Wendy asked for volunteers to work on the first Ontario celebration of women in computing, I thought this is my perfect chance to meet other people and interact with true Canadians. My only two Canadian acquaintances so far have been Anne and Mike my landlord. So when I met Wendy for the first time it was at the first meeting to prepare for the conference. She had such a warm disposition, yet she was mastering the meeting with such professionalism. She's an excellent example of a leader who pays attention to details. Over the many emails and meetings I exchanged with her, I've learned a lot about personal and proper interaction and writing style, and how the positive yet realistic feedback can make someone want to do their best without feeling pressured. Yet it was her very kind and supportive words for me that really added a big measure of hope to my shaken personal attitude. She wasn't judgmental, and she wasn't patronizing, she just understood what I said, and gently provided a much needed prospective on the situation, all the while letting me know how well I've done, which made me feel strong again and made me want to summon this "old" me who was more powerful and robust in the face of challenges. Thank you so much Wendy for this.

Samirah: Such a wonderful woman, you're just the life of any gathering. A doctor who's an example of how a woman can be both professional and beautiful at the same time. She has such passion for her work it makes me love mine all the more. Samirah welcomed me at her apartment when I was just beginning to explore new friendships, and she was so warm and welcoming, and instantly made me feel at ease. At a moment of revelation, I saw her as a human being, not as a friend, and the look on her eyes was, for me, priceless. I never thought someone can be all these beautiful things together; a hard worker, a sensible soul, a fun spirit, and a deep emotion, all in one. Thank you Samirah for being there.

Wisam: When I first saw Wisam, I thought to myself "How come someone can look so good and have all this kindness written on their face!" But not only was Wisam so kind and generous, she was the funniest girl I've ever met :) Such brightness and peace of heart, it made me despise all the evil thoughts that have ever come to my mind throughout my life. The fact that she's the mother of a really good young man and at the same time studying at Queen's made her an example of how a young woman can be a friend and a mother to her child. The fact that her kid takes pride in reading says it all. Exemplary parents for an exemplary child. God bless the three of them.

Mona: Mona in short is my hero; she's the mother of four lovely girls, and she just finished her Master degree. She' simply a hero; she takes such good care of her family, and wants every single one of them to be special, successful, and happy, all the while looking fantastic as if she was twenty or something! (Mona, you make me look old :D) Seriously, when I heard that she reads to her kids constantly and dedicates a day to each one of her daughters for a special one on one mother and daughter treatment, I was amazed! I've never seen a mother do this for her kids. She gives them all the assurance and support every unassuming child needs from their parents to grow up to believe that they're worthy of love and respect. Once we were at the park, and a little girl hurt her head, and I saw Mona come down to her level and with such a soft and warm and aching voice she comforted her, and I almost broke in tears!

Thank you all for being here, and for the unlimited support you've given me. It is a privilege for me to have met and known you all :)


Ghada said...

I'm happy for you Dr to have such warm accompany... i hope you find happiness through your days with them...Amen

I'm happy also to hear that you participate in social events and such stuff, these activities really adds alot to anyone's personality and self- confidence :)

Anonymous said...

God bless your heart Thank you so much. You know what! It's the wonderful you that brings the best in us.

Wendy Powley said...

So sweet of you, Mervat. Thank you. I am very much enjoying working with you and look forward to getting to know you better over the coming year.


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