Friday, January 19, 2007


This week, I began to seriously question my route in life and where it's taking me. I long thought that I had some clue to what I want. Not anymore obviously. Do I want to continue working at the university? If not, then where's my real passion? When I was younger, I thought a lot about acting or a career in music playing. At other times I thought about venturing into the business world. At other times, all what I could think of is going to a small town and work a trivial job that would make me able to read and play music most of the time. But university seemed like an open opportunity that was available and it seemed stupid to refuse it. Well, I'm not saying that at the first couple of years I didn't enjoy work. On the contrary, it was very gratifying to see that you can help students better understand science and give them the incentive to work on their strengths. It was fun enough to read new topics every semester and accept the challenge a student poses when he or she asks a question that's out of the lesson's scope. It felt cool to surf the net looking for add-ons to a certain subject that would make it more interesting for the students and lure them to listen. All that was great, even the sound of it now makes it feel great and makes me wonder; did I really lose interest in this challenging job? Or is it just boredom of the whole thing? There seems to be no clear answer to the questions, but suffice it to say the outcome is all the same. I'm sick to the very tip of my head of working, and that's why I began to wonder about what I really want to do with my life.

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