Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The pearl and the coffee pot

She went down the street, looking for a specific shop that was known for making pearls. When she finally found it, she went in there. It was a small shop, with its owner standing there with a welcoming smile. "What do you want?" He asked her, and she told him she wanted a white pearl; they told her he's the only one who can make a pearl for her. He said "But I'm out of pearls!" The answer made her frantic. "What should I do? How can get a pearl?" He said "I can tell you how to make one on your own, I will give you a pot of coffee, and when you get home, you just make a usual cup of coffee in that pot, and keep stirring, in time you'll find a whitish ball forming inside the pot, and that would be your pearl. Be careful though, because if you take the pearl out of the pot before it's time the pearl will dissipate into sugar! And be ware that this pot makes only one pearl!" So she took the pot with a pleased smile, and headed home to follow the recipe. She kept stirring the coffee in the pot, and gradually felt the formation of a ball inside the pot. She was so pleased with the results, but she wondered "When was the right time to take the pearl out without it turning into sugar?!" She forgot to ask about the one crucial step that would get her her pearl! She hesitated a little bit, then she shrugged and said to herself "I'll try my luck!" And with that thought she carefully took the ball with the teaspoon out of the pot for a quick peak. There it was, a whitish ball that sparkled in the light. She was so pleased with the result that she didn't care the ball wasn't a perfect sphere, and she kept taking the ball out of the pot and returning it back in. She had her pearl it seamed, though anyone looking from a distance would think "Sugar too can form itself into an imperfect sphere, and it too has a sparkle in the light!" They said no one knew for sure if that was indeed a pearl, but to her it was the most beautiful of pearls.

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